Season 1 - Episode 1:

Brady Toops sits down with singer/songwriter John Mark McMillan to chat about his life, music, and views around spirituality as well as ask him the 10 big spiritual questions of Season 1.

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Season 1 - Trailer:

Announcing Season 1 of The Unravel with Brady Toops, a podcast that explores spirituality. In this trailer you will hear the story behind the podcast as well as get a sneak peak into some intriguing interviews from Season 1 including John Mark McMillan, Science Mike, Jon Foreman, Michael & Lisa Gungor, and Ben Higgins.

Join host Brady Toops as he examines the deep questions of life including, "What is God?", "What is the meaning of life?", and "What happens after you die?" with artists, authors, professors, and other fascinating spiritual thinkers. To connect further visit

This podcast is a part of The Liturgists Network.